David Lee Roth Refuses To Bow Down To Criticism

David Lee Roth has faced a medley of responses from fans due to his latest YouTube and Twitter content. While some have showered him with praise, others have voiced concerns and criticisms over the direction of his online presence. Yet, it seems he has no intention of backing down.

On his official YouTube channel, Roth has been sharing a variety of content, from radio broadcasts to, more recently, dance videos. Among these videos is a clip where Roth dances to Pitbull’s ‘Don’t Stop the Party.’ This particular video became a focal point of discussions among his followers, some of whom dubbed it as ‘hacky and dated.’

It’s noteworthy to mention that the same video recently made its way to Roth’s Twitter with the caption ‘Nos Vamos,’ resulting in further discussions among his fan community.

On YouTube comments, some fans pointed out the repetitiveness:

“I like DLR. His content is entertaining, yet he posted this before. It’s odd it’s posted again.”

Another fan showed support for Diamond Dave:

“DLR, you are always so great and innovative! I love you forever! I look forward to many more videos! Blessings to you!”

Yet, others criticized him:

“Not a fan of this. You don’t need an entourage or surround yourself with hot chicks to be interesting. You’re David Lee f*cking Roth. The Greatest Frontman Ever. The Superstar. I want more stories from the man who went to the edge and stood and looked down.”

On Twitter, one of his fans came to his defense, citing the unpredictability of his posts as part of his charm:

“I always wait patiently for you to post something! I feel like a kid opening a package when you do! I love you, Dave!”

The dance videos aren’t the only content drawing attention. Roth also shared clips of himself dancing to other tracks, such as Annie Lennox’s ‘Little Bird,’ and his own rendition of ‘Made Up My Mind,’ originally by Savoy Brown.

You can check out the tweet and watch the video below.