Ted Nugent Shares The Song He Dedicated To His Late Brother 


Ted Nugent made one of his classic live streams on his Facebook account and played a song he wrote after the passing of his brother John Nugent.

Ted Nugent lost his brother John Nugent in January 2020 at 66 and announced it with a heartbreaking letter on his Instagram profile. This event strongly affected Nugent emotionally back then. He announced this news with an Instagram post and stated that he didn’t even know how to get through his tribute post.

He described his brother as an ‘efficient and productive human being’ and shared some of their memories. Apparently, after the saddening event, Nugent wrote a song for his brother called ‘Leave the Lights On.’ This song wasn’t recorded, released, or sang anywhere. For the first time ever, Nugent played it on his guitar and sang it to his Facebook followers acoustically and made his audience emotional.

Here is what he said about the song:

“This is a song from the new album. Never played it for anyone. It’s called ‘Leave the Lights on.’ Came to me after my brother John died.”

This is what he said after he finished singing the song:

“So leave the lights on, and you will never be alone. So, Jim Brown, God bless you, my brother John, God bless you. John Brake, God bless you. Joel Padorsek and his family, God bless you and all you out there who have had heartbreak from the loss of a loved one.”

His fans loved the song and expressed their sadness over his loss and grief, while some shared their stories of losing their loved ones. Many praised the song and stated that they are thrilled about his upcoming album.