AC/DC’s Angus Young Names His Rock God

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young revealed the musician that influenced him a lot as a guitarist by defining him as his rock god in his latest interview with BBC’s The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker. Young also explained the reason why he chose the late musician along with sharing a memory from his concert.

Chuck Berry is described as the Father of Rock and Roll thanks to his unique stage performances, experimenting on different genres, and developing rhythm and blues. he became internationally famous for his showmanship, songwriting skills, and guitar solos. Some of his songs, ‘Maybellene,’ ‘Roll Over Beethoven,’ ‘Rock and Roll Music,’ and ‘Johnny B. Goode’ became best-selling hits all around the world.

There’s no doubt that Chuck Berry has always been a very influential and inspiring figure for young generation musicians, especially guitarists. As one of them, AC/DC icon Angus Young admired Berry’s remarkable and unmatchable way of performing and creating his songs so he decided to use one during his live performances, Duckwalk, which is a low partial squatting position and walking forwards while playing guitar.

Duckwalk was popularized by Chuck Berry and it became’s Angus Young’s signature movement too as AC/DC’s legendary guitarist. In a recent interview, Young named the late guitarist as his rock god by mentioning that he combined blues, jazz, and rock to create his own style. The AC/DC guitarist recalled the time when he went to a Chuck Berry concert and praised his live performance both as a musician and entertainer on the stage.

Young said in his interview that:

“Chuck Berry was probably one of the great guitar people for rock and roll. He combined a lot of elements — he combined blues, a bit of jazz, and his own unique style. He melded all these kinds of different genres of music, but he seemed to bring it together and bring it out and it came out in that rock and roll style — so plain and simple, but it was so effective. I saw him live once when I was younger. I just loved his stage presence and how he performed. He was one of those people, when he got on a stage, he owned it.”

You can watch the comparison video below.