David Lee Roth Uses A Cane After Jokingly Tripping In Recent Music Video

On his YouTube channel, David Lee Roth regularly shares fun videos where he dances to different songs. In a recent video, the former Van Halen frontman wore a cane after playfully falling.

This time, the singer performed a dance to his own version of ‘Made Up My Mind,’ which he covered from Savoy Brown on his 2003 album, ‘Diamond Dave.’ DLR opens the video while waving a large checkered flag.

In the rest of his performance, the vocalist uses many different items, including a blue colored stick, a thermos, and a big white ball, with his own paintings appearing in the background. He is jokingly tripping somewhere in the middle of the video and then uses a cane.

Fans also responded to Roth with the same energy in the comments. One of them expressed his gratitude to the frontman for making him smile while he was at work, writing:

“I was on my break at work and decided to watch the video….Thanks, Dave, for making me smile. Everyone should smile when they are doing what they are doing.”

Another one said:

“This might be one of the most David Lee Roth videos ever!.. Goofy video concepts, old-school dance moves you didn’t think he could pull off at this age, and the classic psychotic Dave smile through the entire video… good old Dave.”

You can watch the video below.