Jonathan Cain Blames Neal Schon And His Wife For Journey’s Current State

It seems there is no end to the war of words between Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon. Schon even stood by Steve Perry’s side despite their long-time feud to attack Cain. Now it’s time for Jonathan Cain’s response. He recently spoke to Blabbermouth to address Schon’s remarks and claimed he and his wife are to blame for damaging the Journey brand.

“Neal Schon should look in the mirror when he accuses me of causing harm to the Journey brand,” Jonathan Cain said. “I have watched him damage our brand for years and am a victim of both his — and his wife’s — bizarre behavior. Neal sued Live Nation twice, losing both times and damaging our ability to ever work with them again; Neal outrageously tried to take away trademarks from Steve Perry.”

He continued, “Neal and his wife continually insult the professionalism of numerous accountants, road managers, and management firms with endless legal threats and their bullying, toxic, and incoherent emails; Neal argues online with fans who don’t see eye to eye with him; and Neal and his wife recklessly spend Journey’s money until there is none left for operating costs. If anyone is destroying the Journey brand, it is Neal — and Neal alone.”

Back in the day, Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon fired and sued Ross Valory and Steve Smith for trying to take over the Journey mark. Steve Perry stood by Valory and Smith’s side and sued Cain and Schon for copyright claims of several Journey hits. Recently, new issues arose within Journey, but it’s now between Jonathan and Neal. According to the lawsuit Neal filed, Jonathan set up the AmEx card without informing him and never included him in the decisions about Journey’s finances.

However, the tables turned now, and Schon decided to side with Perry against Jonathan Cain. After creating a controversy around Jonathan’s performance of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at Jim Bakker Show, Neal argued that Steve was right in saying that Journey songs weren’t for politics. However, it seems Cain has various reasons for blaming Schon and his wife for destroying the Journey brand and making him the scapegoat.