Ryan Key Explains The Dark Force That Inspired Yellowcard’s ‘Childhood Eyes’

Having returned to the music scene in 2022, Yellowcard introduced the title track from its latest album ‘Childhood Eyes’ in May. Recently, in a chat with Rolling Stone, Ryan Key revealed the inspiration behind the song’s concept and explained:

“What I tried to do with that song was personify my experience in the music business. The dark force that I’m grappling with in that song is an industry that is designed to keep you down. It’s why only the select few break through and are able to have successful careers. It’s hard, and it’s sad, and it’s gross a lot of the time. I wanted to evaluate where I was at this point in my life and my relationship with music.”

The vocalist reflected on the band’s experience by saying:

“On paper, no one should have this opportunity. No one should go through what we went through, make some of the bad decisions we’ve made in our career, lose the commercial success that we once had, and then wind up playing a close-to-sold-out tour in amphitheaters.”

In line with the comeback, Yellowcard kicked off its first tour since 2017 to support the new album. The summer tour has three dates left, with the next performance set for August 17 at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview in New York.

According to Key’s interview with New Noise Magazine in July, these reunion shows have changed a few things for the band:

“It’s the biggest tour we’ve ever done in our entire careers. And to be doing that over 20 years in, there’s not really any rational explanation for it… In some cities, we are playing venues that are literally five or six times the size of venues we would have played in, say, 2013 or ’14. And we are selling these venues out. So we are all kind of suspended in this out-of-body sort of sense of disbelief, I think.”

You can read the Yellowcard frontman’s chat with Rolling Stone here and listen to ‘Childhood Eyes’ below.