Neal Schon Reacts To Arnel Pineda Fans’ Accusations, ‘Total Bullsh*t’

Neal Schon recently responded to the accusations directed at him from Arnel Pineda’s fans, dismissing the criticism and calling it ‘total bullsh*t’ on Twitter.

Things had recently heated up between Schon and Pineda after, reportedly, the frontman didn’t want founding member Gregg Rolie to reunite with Journey for their current tour. Then, the guitarist’s wife, Michaele Schon, commented on Facebook that she supported her husband’s decision to bring back Rolie and called out Jonathan Cain and Arnel to remind them that Neal recruited both into the band.

Cain and Schon already had a bitter relationship with ongoing lawsuits; however, Pineda joined the feud stating that he’d paid his dues, gave an ultimatum, and dared the guitarist to fire him in a series of tweets. Things have been complex ever since, as the vocalist’s fans came to Pineda’s defense, blaming Schon for being disrespectful.

A fan recently pointed out the accusations the Journey rocker faced, discussing how the Schon family were accused of being racist and disrespectful, as Michaele had mentioned Pineda as ‘the other guy’ in her controversial Facebook comments. The Schons have been in the crosshairs ever since. However, the guitarist finally decided to respond to all the criticism.

The Journey fan’s tweet regarding the accusations Neal Schon faced:

“Another thing, when a user did that tweet naming Arnel and Jonathan Cain as the two against Gregg Rolie. Arnel fans went nuts. They tilted. Later tweet was deleted. [Then, when] Michelle started saying the ‘other guy’ acts like a deadweight, [they] accused Neal and Michelle Schon of being racist and disrespectful. A total spin on reality.

And then all that ridiculous banter saying, ‘neal is targeting my gay friend’ crap. That rock oracle tried to start so many rumors, and I’m sure he still does. I have him blocked. I still think it’s paid job he does. Such an obvious smear campaign.”

The rocker’s response to all the criticism he received:

“Total bull sh*t.”

It’s apparent that the ongoing feud between Arnel and the Schons might continue for a while as both sides didn’t step back from their recent tweets and comments. However, the pair continue to perform together, hitting the road for the current Journey tour across the U.S. alongside special guest Toto.