Nancy Wilson And Ann Wilson Work On A New Song

In one of the most recent interviews with 102.3 WBAB, Nancy Wilson of Heart revealed that she’s working on new music alongside fellow Heart member and her sister, Ann Wilson. Nancy, after their ‘feud‘, talked about her sister and said:

“It’s been a really nice kind of rediscovery of our relationship, working on music together again. So, yeah, I’m really happy about that.”

Nancy was asked if she felt any excitement for having been working on something different. She replied:

“Yeah. Some of the stuff I’ve been working on with Ann is like that. I’ve also worked a bit with Sue Ennis, who used to work a lot with me and Ann for Heart music. And so I have some lyrics mainly that I worked on with Sue and took to Ann. And there’s a couple of things that I’m really excited about. Very cool. Like stuff that you wouldn’t have heard us do in the ’80s. [It’s] closer to what you would have heard us originally do in the ’70s, late ’70s. So it’s really fun. It’s just exciting and inspiring.”

Nancy mentioned her upcoming project, ‘Tomboy’, including songs written by her male friends. She mentioned what she loves about the title and what she can’t wait for:

“I think right now I’ve been working on ‘Tomboy’ the most because I love the title, for one thing; it’s almost like ‘boy genius’ or something. But I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for songs. But I’ve also been writing new music with Ann too. So it’s a real creative time.

I think being on the tour right now, when I get home, I’m gonna really dig into the other projects, including finishing some new material with Ann. So it’s really a good time to be creative. And I’ve got a new studio in my house, and so I can’t wait to sort of run tape on stuff.”

The sisters’ feud was due to Ann Wilson‘s then-husband assaulting Nancy‘s 16-year-old sons during Heart show, who reportedly grabbed the twins by their throats and squeezed to the point they could not breathe.

The so-called ‘feud’ was later revealed to be a myth, with Nancy stating the two ‘aren’t locked into arguments with one another’. She also explained:

“Things happen in families. And that was a really good example of something that happened within a family, and we worked it out.”

Since their break-up in October 2016, the two performed ‘Crazy On You‘ and ‘These Dreamstogether in 2019, as a ‘warm-up of sorts’ to the Love Alive tour. See ‘Crazy On You’ down below.