Machine Gun Kelly Responds To The Accusations About His ‘Fake’ Guitar Playing

Machine Gun Kelly recently shared a post on Twitter to explain the truth about the accusations of not playing guitar during his live performances. The musician referred to those allegations as lies and stated that he could play his instrument live.

A TikTok user recently posted a video in which he accused Machine Gun Kelly of fake guitar-playing during live performances. In the video, the TikToker, who is also a Guitar Center employee, claimed that the position of the kill switch on MGK’s pink Schecter guitar implies that the sound is turned off and the musician is just mimicking playing it.

The TikToker also showed footage of MGK performing with the killswitch in the down position. He then demonstrated this situation on the guitar MGK used, which means the instrument was silent during the performance. As a response, MGK posted a duet with the TikToker to explain he reverse-engineered the killswitch to look like that, which doesn’t mean the guitar is turned off.

In a recent tweet, a fan of MGK posted the video of this TikTok and tagged the musician. Upon seeing this, Machine Gun Kelly stated that he is one of the few musicians who don’t perform at the awards shows if he can’t play his instruments live. Moreover, the musician said he often doesn’t acknowledge this hate, but these allegations don’t reflect the truth.

MGK also said he couldn’t believe how much effort this TikTok user put into accusing him and spreading lies about him. Calling the TikToker Mr. Pinocchio, the musician yet again made it clear that this TikTok is nothing but misinformation. It is far from the truth as he already demonstrated that his guitar works just fine with the downward killswitch.

In the tweet, one of Machine Gun Kelly’s fans said:

“Yes, go the f*ck off, sir.”

Machine Gun Kelly then responded:

“I don’t acknowledge hate usually, but the effort this Guitar Center employee just put in to spread lies about me as a musician, one of the few musicians who refuses to perform at award shows if I can’t play my instrument live, blew my mind. Your nose is growing, Mr. Pinocchio.

You can check out the tweet below.