Mike Shinoda Hints At Solo Release After Dropping An Unreleased Linkin Park Song

Mike Shinoda recently signaled that a new solo release was on its way via Twitter as Linkin Park recently dropped an unreleased single while celebrating ‘Meteora.’

It’s not exactly the most recent news that the band released ‘Lost’ while honoring ‘Meteora’s twentieth anniversary. The song featured the late frontman Chester Bennington’s vocals, offering Linkin Park fans a nostalgic ride back to the earlier days of the band and paying homage to Chester’s memory with an exclusive dive into the archives.

Since ‘Lost’s release, Shinoda has appeared in numerous interviews, recalling the early days of the band and the challenges they had to face, even admitting that they were miserable while producing the ever-iconic ‘Hybrid Theory.’ However, despite his busy schedule with Linkin Park, Mike also seems to be getting ready to drop new solo music, hinting at a release.

The rocker recently tweeted a Discord link, inviting his audience and any curious listener to take a look into updates and some possible sound bites from his newest solo project. The single is reported to feature in ‘Scream VI,’ which will hit the theaters in a short while.

Mike’s tweet encouraging his fans to follow the updates about his new song:

“Important updates about new music in my Discord [link].”

It seems that Shinoda is on a mission to carry on Linkin Park and his late bandmate and friend Chester Bennington’s legacy while also pursuing a solo career and taking his chance at producing original soundtracks for cinema. Therefore, there’s no doubt that we’ll see more of Mike’s solo releases in the future.