Tracii Guns Explains How Orianthi Helped Him Find Love After Challenging Divorce

L.A. Guns’ Tracii Guns took his personal Instagram account to share updates about his love life after his divorce last year. The guitarist wrote that after working on himself with therapy and being surrounded by good people, he opened his heart to love once again after meeting Orianthi.

The guitarist went through a divorce in 2022 with a Danish woman. Like any other divorce, it was a harrowing experience for the musician as he revealed in his caption that he had to work on his mental health to come out the other side.

Meeting Orianthi and getting to know her changed his mindset about what a healthy, loving, and caring relationship should look like for him moving forward. Even though he was adamant about staying friends with the guitarist, life had other plans.

Tracii Guns’ words about finding love after divorce:

Chaos 2022. Divorce, 43 therapy appointments, 5 round trips between L.A. and Aarhus, recorded two albums, spent two weeks on two KISS Kruises reconnecting with old friends and doing things that would make Satan blush.”

He continued:

“So, Ori and I met shortly after I had already decided that it wasn’t going anywhere, and oops, I was wrong. Suddenly the kindest, most empathetic, and most loving person enters my life. Reminding me that we are all just human and need love. Oh, and ‘she plays guitar and sings la la la.’”

Although the L.A. Guns guitarist has gone through a turbulent time, it seems like he has come out the other side not only with a better mindset about his life but with his new partner Orianthi to share life along with all its ups and downs.

Photo Credit: Tracii Guns – Instagram