Linkin Park Start A Mysterious Countdown, Fans Have Theories

Linkin Park recently posted a mysterious tweet and left the fans in confusion. Afterward, the band directed them to their official website with another tweet. Upon entering the site, fans were greeted with a countdown showing four remaining days. As it seems, Linkin Park fans have various ideas about what this countdown is for.

In their latest tweet series, Linkin Park wrote ‘LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe’ to the file path and directed the fans to their official website, which asked them to download the file. When one tries downloading it, a countdown appears after a blue screen error. Apparently, the band has something planned for four days later.

As Linkin Park didn’t reveal any details or information about this mysterious countdown, fans started to come up with their own ideas. One of them argued that the band is getting ready to release a 20th-anniversary edition of ‘Meteora’ or ‘Reanimation.’ This might be true since it’s almost been 20 years since ‘Meteora’s release.

Another fan agreed this might be the band’s plan and furthered this idea by asking Linkin Park to release the unreleased remixes from ‘Meteora.’ Following that, many rumored that this might be related to ‘Meteora’s 20th anniversary, while others began to expect new songs from the band.

The countdown ends on February 1, and fans are already counting the days. As the file’s name appears to be about ‘Numb’ from ‘Meteora,’ it’s possible this is all about the band’s 2003 album. Below the countdown, several links direct fans to other pages, and one is another site about ‘Hybrid Theory.’ As it seems, fans can also use the website to solve the mystery before the clock expires.