Billy Joel Says He Asked Don Henley And Bruce Springsteen’s Help When The Pandemic Started

In his recent interview with USA Today, Billy Joel talked about what he thought and how he felt after the COVID-19 outbreak and unveiled that he asked for The Eagles’ Don Henley and E Street Band’s Bruce Springsteen’s help.

Unfortunately, musicians and bands went through challenging times due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as all the concerts had to be postponed and rescheduled. Some of them focused on working on their new projects, such as releasing new studio albums, and spent a lot of time in the studio, while the others decided to perform their concerts through live streams.

The artists got very shocked and sad when they understood that they wouldn’t return to the stage for a very long time to protect everyone’s health. As one of them, the legendary musician Billy Joel didn’t know what he would do following the last concert in Mexico before the lockdown.

Therefore, he stated that he asked for his longtime friends, Don Henley and Bruce Springsteen’s help because everything was too blurry and uncertain at that time. However, Joel unveiled that neither Springsteen nor Henley knew what to do. The singer described these times as very scary and uncertain and added that former president Donald Trump’s statements about COVID-19 worsened the situation.

Joel recalled these times saying:

“The last gig we played before the shutdown was in Mexico, and that was outside. All of a sudden, everything stopped, and it felt like it was the end of the world. No one knew when it would go away – when we could work again. It was very scary. I had hoped it would pass, but nobody knew.

I talked to Don Henley – ‘What do you think?’ ‘I don’t know.’ I talked to Springsteen – ‘What do you think?’ – and nobody knew. Nobody was the voice of authority, and then-President Donald Trump just made it worse. It was a scary time.”

Many musicians recently started their tours or announced their upcoming tour dates thanks to the easing of the restrictions. Hopefully, everything will get better soon, and people will manage to go back to their everyday lives.