The Guitarist Billy Gibbons Became Fascinated With His Mastery

Billy Gibbons is a talented musician who rose to prominence with his gravelly bass-baritone vocals and groove-based guitar style. During his early career, Gibbons opened four times for Jimi Hendrix’s Experience. He then became friends with the guitar icon, and once, Hendrix told him he was his favorite guitarist.

Apart from Hendrix, many labeled Gibbons as their favorite guitarist and praised his talents. The Black Keys vocalist Dan Auerbach stated that Gibbons sounded like himself even while playing a guitar he had never touched before. Moreover, Patrick Droney also argued that Gibbons was among the greatest guitarists, leads, and songwriters. As it appears, Gibbons also has a favorite guitarist who fascinates him with his talents.

Who Mesmerized Billy Gibbons With Their Unique Guitar Playing?

In an interview with Music Radar in February 2022, Billy Gibbons revealed his top 10 guitarists who blew his mind. Besides guitarists like Van Wilks, Jimmie Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Hubert Sumlin, Eric Johnson, Andrés Segovia, Paul Size, and Jimi Hendrix, Gibbons also praised his fellow guitarist Jeff Beck‘s guitar playing talents.

Gibbons has shared the same stage with Jeff Beck multiple times. They performed at the 2009 25th Anniversary Hall Of Fame Concert and played Jimi Hendrix’s classic ‘Foxy Lady.’ A year later, the two appeared on the Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien to play their version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird.’ Moreover, Beck also joined ZZ Top during tours.

On March 3, 2015, ZZ Top hit the road for their North American tour, and Beck joined the band for seven shows until the tour concluded in Highland Park, Illinois, at the Ravinia Pavilion on August 27. Speaking to Music Radar, Billy Gibbons reflected on his performances with Beck and praised his musicianship. Gibbons argued that Beck had an elegant and delicate presentation. Moreover, he admitted that Beck fascinated him with his mastery of playing the guitar without a pick.

Here is what Billy Gibbons said about Jeff Beck:

“Speaking of Jeff, he’s someone that has taken the divebomb into such an elegant and very delicate presentation. I became fascinated with his mastery of playing without a pick.”

In August, Jeff Beck embarked on a tour to support his album ’18’ and played with Ann Wilson and ZZ Top on the first six dates of ZZ Top’s Raw Whisky Tour. According to Gibbons, Jeff’s guitar playing techniques are mesmerizing, and he was in awe when he found out that the guitarist could easily and masterfully play guitar without a pick.