Richie Sambora Names The Best Singer In The World

We all have our guesses regarding the much-debated subject of who are the best vocalists in the world, or at least Rolling Stone has been publishing an annual list about it. So, when the Bon Jovi icon Richie Sambora shared his pick on Twitter, the singer in question wasn’t someone from the rock scene, and it indeed wasn’t Jon Bon Jovi.

When thinking about opera and other classical tunes, even the most uninterested person in opera might utter a name or two. You see, some of the tenors have made a name for themselves with their recognizable vocals, and Sambora decided to let anyone know who he thought was the world’s most outstanding vocalist. Surprisingly, he was an opera icon.

So, the guitarist recently got together with the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. During their meeting, the singer’s heaven-like voice remastered Frank Sinatra’s ever-iconic ‘My Way,’ and anyone might quickly see how impressed and starstruck Sambora was by Bocelli’s performance. So, when a fan account shared the video, Richie had to tweet about it.

“That man is the best singer in the world right now,” said Richie Sambora as he pointed out to the tenor singing the iconic verses of ‘My Way.’ “It was a privilege and a singing lesson to be there in the room with Andrea Bocelli face to face. Thank you, Andrea, for your grace and gift to all of us.”

Well, Sambora’s pick for the most outstanding vocalist in the world was a relatively safe one because no one could deny the incredible talent of Bocelli and the impressive control he has over his vocals. Of course, we all might have our lists ready when we need to name the best singer in the world, so, subjectively speaking, for Sambora, it was none other than the iconic opera singer Andrea Bocelli.