ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Has A Unique Guitar Skill, Dan Auerbach Says

During his recent interview with Music Radar, the Black Keys vocalist Dan Auerbach revealed how he invited ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons to their studio sessions for the new album. The musician drew attention to Gibbons’ being an extraordinarily talented guitarist by giving the details.

The Black Keys released their latest and eleventh studio album entitled ‘Dropout Boogie’ on May 13, 2022, and the duo collaborated with their longtime friend Gibbons for one of the tracks from the record, ‘Good Love.’ Patrick Carney, Auerbach, and Gibbons co-wrote and performed the song. The whole album and their harmony received very positive reviews from music critics, ZZ Top fans, and their own.

In his interview, Auerbach stated that after he had learned that Gibbons was in town, he sent him a text. The singer asked him to drop by the studio. Gibbons, who was a person who had supported The Black Keys when they were a small local band from Ohio, decided to join them. Even though the ZZ Top frontman was kind enough to bring a bottle of red wine to the sessions, he didn’t have any guitar or other equipment.

Therefore, Auerbach gave him a different guitar and amplifier that he had never used before, but Gibbons was such a gifted instrumentalist that it wasn’t a problem. According to the singer, as soon as Gibbons started to play that guitar, he still sounded like good old Gibbons without hesitation. This situation can be a great proof of the ZZ Top singer and guitarist’s unmatchable talent which he already proved many decades ago.

Auerbach said in his interview that:

“I knew he was in town, so I sent him a text, very off-the-cuff. I said, ‘If you’re free later, stop by, Pat and I are in the studio.’ He just showed up. He brought a bottle of red wine but no guitars. I handed him a guitar he had never played and an amp he never played. He plugged it straight in, turned it all the way up, and it sounded exactly like Billy Gibbons.

You can listen to the song below.