Mick Mars Recalls Staying Away From Nikki Sixx And Ozzy Osbourne’s Insane Acts


Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars recently admitted that he avoided his band members and Ozzy Osbourne once he saw them going insane with drugs during an interview with Metal Edge Mag.

While Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Vince Neil did everything a rock star could imagine, whether it was illegal or reckless, Mick Mars has always been the person to stay out of it. He was known as the more mature one in the band and usually did not act along with the band’s idea of fun. The band’s extreme adventures have been the subject of many entertaining biographical books and a Netflix movie. Their reckless actions leveled up when the band toured with Ozzy Osbourne in 1984.

They were still new in the rock and roll world when they opened up for Osbourne in his 1984 tour. The band had about 45 minutes of stage time at every show and the rest of the day was theirs to have all kinds of fun and party around. In the 2019 Netflix movie named ‘The Dirt,’ this tour was portrayed, and even there, Mick Mars was shown to be a bit more passive and unbothered than the rest of the members.

Recently, Mars talked about his experience with Ozzy and his bandmates during an interview. The guitarist recalled how he avoided them. He stated that Osbourne would come to Crüe’s bus with drugs, and Mars would leave to go to his room. He continued by saying that after that, the band and Osbourne went to the pool, and that’s when the infamous event of Sixx pissing in public and Osbourne snorting ants happened.

Here is what Mars said:

“I remember Ozzy just had his daughter Aimee and I remember seeing her as a tiny, tiny little baby. Sharon had just had that kid when we were doing that tour. But Ozzy was still fuckin’ up everywhere. He’d come up to our bus singin’ ‘Iron Man,’ but he was singin’, ‘I… am… krelly man.’

And he’d have about half an ounce of cocaine in a baggie, and he’d come on the bus and cut out a bunch of cocaine lines and stuff. We called them Texas power rails. And the next thing that I know is, I was going to my room, the other guys went to the pool, Nikki pissed, and Ozzy started snorting ants.”

No matter how much the fans heard these stories before, a new perspective emerges for them to recall these events every once in a while. However, it wasn’t unexpected for Mars to avoid the extreme fun during these times since he has always been the less-crazy member of the band compared to every unbelievable story his bandmates have.