Michael Anthony’s Mysterious Singer Seems To Be Jeff Scott Soto

Michael Anthony recently revealed that he is working on creating a side project and forming a supergroup with the Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X and the Aerosmith touring drummer John Douglas. However, he was reluctant to reveal the mysterious singer he was working with on the project, and more recently, the singer revealed himself.

The revelation was mysterious from the beginning, and Jeff Scott Soto made it even more cryptic yet he still revealed some clues on his Instagram post, caption, and comments indicating that he is the new singer of Michael Anthony’s supergroup. There are still some confused fans in the comment section, which indicates that he revealed himself in a very cryptic way.

Sotto posted the news title about Michael Anthony forming a supergroup with Phil X and John Douglas and captioned it giving a little hint that he might be in on it. Then, he replied to a confused fan’s comment by suggesting they read between the lines.

The caption read:

“Hmmm… No comment [smiley face]”

The fan’s comment asked:

“Who’s the singer?”

Soto replied:

Read between the lines, my friend.”

We think it’s safe to say that the supergroup is complete with its lead singer Jeff Scott Soto. Best known for his vocals in Yngwie Malmsteen’s solo works, the musician is ready to support another colleague of his. Michael Anthony’s plans are excitedly awaited by the fans. We don’t know whether this was a planned reveal from the singer or he was just trying to give hints.

Keep in mind that Anthony was reluctant to reveal the singer prematurely, and that was only a few days ago. The band has started to practice some songs and record together for fun. They want to take slow and sure steps before giving everyone the good news of a record or perhaps a long-term project.

Photo Credit: Jeff Scott Soto – Instagram