Steve Vai Reflects On Alice Cooper Performing With Johnny Depp In Hollywood Vampires

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai shared his opinion about Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires during a recent interview with The French Connection.

In the conversation, Steve mentioned that he liked all kinds of music when he was a teenager, but there were some of the bands that he would like to see on the stage, such as Alice Cooper.

Furthermore, Steve pointed out that there was something special about the Alice Cooper shows and showed his respect for the iconic singer. However, Steve revealed that he liked Alice with Hollywood Vampires even more.

According to Steve, seeing Alice older but committed to the music with Hollywood Vampires made it more enjoyable than his early days. Also, he said that Alice is such a mature artist who could continue his journey through the end.

Interviewer asked:

“What is the best rock show that you ever saw?”

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“I did a Rock in Rio. Now, I’m very nostalgic, and when I was a teenager I liked all sorts of different music, but Alice Cooper was one of the bands, I loved him, and I loved the band.

Aand I the whole thing was rock ‘n’ roll, it was melodic, and it was great, and there was something about Alice.

And when I was doing Rock in Rio some years ago, he was there, and he was playing with Hollywood Vampires – Johnny Depp and those guys, and I watched the show.”

He added:

“And for some reason, I just enjoyed it so much because it was Alice and he was so much older, but he was still so committed. That’s the thing you notice with real artists, they mature as they go through their careers.

They’re going to go one of two directions; either they get bored and insecure about what they’re doing, and the authenticity gets eroded, or they’re going to really grow into their role with such authority and confidence. When I was watching him, that’s what I saw. There were no excuses.”

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