Doug Clifford Cries While Recalling Elvis Presley’s Creedence Tribute

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Doug Clifford recently appeared in an interview with Classic Album Review and had emotional moments recalling Elvis Presley’s homage to the band.

Throughout its appearance in the rock scene for over ten years, the band created many successful outcomes. Following their breakthrough in the late ’60s, they started touring and working on new materials, which included hit singles. The band mostly announced its name with the single ‘Proud Mary.’

They gained recognition not only from rock listeners but also from other performers. The members’ talents were appreciated by many musicians, mainly covering ‘Proud Mary.’ Another legendary musician, Elvis Presley, was one of these musicians who admired the band and showed his respect in his concert, as Doug Clifford recently revealed.

During the interview, Clifford stated that they could not believe in their ears when it was told that Elvis wanted to meet them. When they went to the gig, they were amazed by his stage style and singing, which mesmerized everyone. The drummer mentioned that after finishing his song, the singer held the microphone and talked to Creedence members who were among the audience.

As he indicated, Elvis began to perform ‘Proud Mary’ as a homage to them. Clifford almost got teary in the interview, pointing out that this was an incredible moment and the peak of his career. The Creedence icon also noted that they could not be able to meet with the musician as he left earlier having a death threat, but he saluted them with his hat in the most fantastic way before leaving.

Doug Clifford said the following:

“Elvis was coming to Oakland to play a gig there, and then the guy says, ‘Hey, Elvis is coming to your neck of the woods, and he wants to meet you guys.’ We say, ‘Elvis wants to meet us? He says, ‘Yes, Elvis is a big fan; he wants to meet you.’ And we were going, ‘Holy crap.’ So anyway, we go to the gig, and we’re watching him do his thing, and he was in the white French leather outfit and just tearing it up. He finishes his song, walks up to the microphone, and says, ‘I know they’re out there. This is for the Creedence boys.’

Two, three, four, and he goes into ‘Proud Mary.’ Well, I’m balling. I get a little weepy right now. Every time I tell that story, how cool is that? I mean, that was probably in my career, the very top of, ‘Wow.’ He dedicated ‘Proud Mary’ to us. But we didn’t get to meet him there. Elvis had to leave the building; he had a death threat. But he took the hat to us in the coolest possible way.”

You can check out the interview below.