Michael Anthony To Form A New Supergroup With ‘Mysterious Cool Singer’

Van Halen’s Michael Anthony has just revealed to SiriusXM that he is working on a side project with members of the most prominent bands in rock and roll, including Bon Jovi’s Phil X and Aerosmith’s John Douglas. However, he was reluctant to mention the mysterious singer’s name for this side project, leaving fans curious.

Although Anthony departed from Van Halen in 2006, he continued to work with Sammy Hagar’s Chickenfoot. Despite being generally unable to strip himself completely from his beloved band Van Halen, Anthony decided to create something radically new and work with other band members for a future project.

He said:

“I wasn’t going to mention anything about it, but there is a little side project thing that I’ve kind of been speaking to some people and might be doing a couple of things with. I don’t wanna get ahead of myself and mention too much, but it might involve Phil X and John Douglas, who you know as the drummer for Aerosmith right now.”

Even though they started recording a few things for fun, Anthony was very reluctant to reveal this project and afraid of giving too much information prematurely. The bassist gave no other names but ensured that fans know he is working with a really ‘cool’ singer.

He continued:

“I don’t wanna mention any names, but a really, really cool singer. And we’re recording just for fun right now, some stuff. That’s all I can say.”

Fans await the release of this new project to hear what kind of music this talented group of musicians will create. With Phil X and John Douglas, it’s no wonder that fans are already expecting great things from this new collaboration. And with the addition of a ‘really, really cool singer,’ the excitement is only growing. While the details of the project are still awaiting revelation, one thing is for sure: Michael Anthony and his team are hard at work making music that is sure to thrill rock and roll fans everywhere.