Bruce Dickinson Addresses His Health Problems’ Affect On His Live Performance

Bruce Dickinson was asked in Full Metal Jackie’s radio program if there had been any artistry changes in him after he had to go through several health issues. The singer stated that there weren’t visible changes physically, but he talked about those that affected him personally.

As you may recall, Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, which is probably the worst thing to hear for a heavy metal singer. His illness scared him in the beginning because he didn’t want to lose his voice, but later with practice, he felt and sang better than ever. 

Just when he recovered from the ruthless disease, he snapped his Achilles tendon in 2019 and had to go through yet another long healing process. However, his fans didn’t know about this because he pretended that nothing was wrong on stage, and it worked. In the recent interview, he revealed that both illnesses did not affect his performances at all.

Here is how he managed to heal and perform at the same time:

“I had just come off the ‘Legacy of the Beast’ tour through the previous summer. I’ve been working my voice pretty hard, and frankly, it was pretty good. So I wasn’t worried about the voice in the slightest. It was like, let’s really get stuck in – I already want to get wailing on this.

I had a couple of other injuries. I busted my Achilles tendon, and it properly snapped in half – a two-inch break on one leg a couple of days before I finished the vocals. I finished the lead vocals and two tracks with my leg in a boot, standing on crutches.

The American tour was just under four months away when I busted it, so my worry was not on finishing the album, but how the hell am I going to walk, followed by how the hell am I going to run around onstage? We had a physiologist come to every single show. I got so much advice about my Achilles tendon, or what was left of it, but we got through the shows, and nobody really noticed.”

After the leg injury, Dickinson faced another injury concerning his hip, and he is currently in its treatment process as well. The vocalist seems to be determined to overcome every obstacle put in front of him and continue to entertain his fans with their music.