Marty Friedman Admits He Plagiarized Paul Stanley’s Design, ‘I Have No Shame Whatsoever’

In his recent interview with Kylie Olsson, former Megadeth lead guitarist Marty Friedman talked about his signature Jackson guitars and revealed that he ripped off Paul Stanley’s iconic guitar in his latest collaboration with Jackson, Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1.

Most recently, Marty Friedman released his 16th studio album entitled ‘Tokyo Jukebox 3’ on April 16, 2021. The album consisted of Friedman’s covers of his favorite iconic Japanese songs which inspired him as a person who has been living in Japan for 18 years. The album was appreciated by both Megadeth fans and his growing fanbase in Japan.

The guitarist has been collaborating with Jackson to create his special limited edition signature guitars for a while now. Friedman and Jackson designed and produced the USA Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 and X Series Marty Friedman MF-1 in 2017. Later, they released Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 also named Purple Mirror in February 2021 which resembles KISS frontman Paul Stanley’s iconic Purple Mirror.

During a recent interview, Friedman stated that his Pro Series Signature Marty Friedman MF-1 was more than a nod to Stanley when Olsson talked about the resemblance between two guitars. He admitted that he plagiarized Stanley’s iconic Purple Mirror in his latest signature guitars. He added that he only changed the design of the cracks by highlighting that he wasn’t ashamed of himself.

Clarifying the resemblance between his guitar and Stanley’s Friedman said:

“It was more than a little nod, it was flat-out plagiarism. I have no shame whatsoever.

 And if I did anything to it… his guitar is super-cool but cracks in his are really pronounced, it really looks like a big crack.

I wanted it to be much more subtle than that, I didn’t want the cracks to be such a complete blatant copy of his. So that is the only thing I changed from his design.”

You can watch the interview below.