Vivian Campbell Says The Beatles’ ‘She Loves You’ Was The First Song He Ever Learned On Guitar

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell recently spoke to Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk about his love for the Beatles, admitting the first song he learned to play on guitar was their ‘She Loves You.’

When Def Leppard was on hiatus in the mid-2010s and early 2011, Vivian Campbell joined Thin Lizzy and embarked on a tour with the band. After the tour, Campbell decided to play more aggressively and asked Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice to join him for a Dio tribute project, eventually becoming the band Last In Line.

Currently, Last In Line is getting ready to release their new EP titled ‘A Day In The Life,’ which will be limited to 3,000 copies worldwide. Set to release on November 11, the album’s title track is a cover of the Beatles’ same-titled song, with a heavier approach.

In a recent interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Campbell revealed his thoughts on covering the Beatles’ song ‘A Day In The Life.’ He first expressed his appreciation for the Beatles, saying that he and his bandmates are huge fans of the band. The guitarist then revealed the first track he learned to play on the guitar as a kid was ‘She Loves You.’

Following that, Vivian admitted that although he is unsure about how they decided to cover ‘A Day In The Life,’ he vaguely remembers bassist Phil Soussan coming up with this idea after brainstorming what would be an exciting song to cover from a different genre. Once the idea came up, everybody was immediately on board because they are all Beatles fans.

As reported by Blabbermouth, Vivian Campbell said the following about the Beatles:

The Beatles were huge for all of us. The first song I ever learned how to play on guitar was ‘She Loves You.’ I remember working out the chords when I was a kid on holiday one summer. And I was well chuffed with myself ’cause I had figured that out.”

He then continued, revealing why they covered the Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’:

“‘A Day In The Life’ was a pretty ambitious song to take on. Honestly, I don’t know how we ended up on that one. We were discussing what would be an appropriate and interesting cover for us to do. We didn’t want to do something from the genre, so it wasn’t like we were going to try and do an AC/DC song or something from the hard rock world.

We decided we wanted to tackle something that would be a little left field. I’ve gotta say probably it was Phil Soussan who came up with the idea for ‘A Day In The Life,’ but we were certainly not in need of coaxing ’cause, as I said, we’re all massive, massive Beatles fans.”

Below, you can listen to the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You’ and Last In Line’s rendition of ‘A Day In The Life.’