Marilyn Manson To Pay Fine And Do Community Service After Trial

Marilyn Manson has been dealing with lawsuits for several years, especially with his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. Besides sexual assault claims, he has also been charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault.

However, according to a filing made by his attorney, Manson will plead no contest (not explicitly admit guilt) to one of his charges of blowing his nose on a videographer at a 2019 concert in New Hampshire. As a result of the trial, Manson was sentenced to a $1,200 fine and 20 hours of community service over six months. The musician will also need to remain arrest-free and report any New Hampshire performance for two years to the local police.

The police affidavit had claimed that Marilyn approached videographer Susan Fountain in the venue’s stage pit area, brought his face close to her camera, and spat a ‘big lounge at her. She was hit on both hands with spit. The videographer also accused Manson of approaching her a second time, blowing his nose on her arm and hands.

This lawsuit has been going on for the past few years, with Manson pleading not guilty in 2021. At the time, his lawyer Kent Barker had said that the type of footage Fountain tried to capture often exposed the videographer to ‘incidental contact’ with bodily fluids. He explained:

“The defendant’s performance for the past twenty years are well known to include shocking and evocative antics similar to those that occurred here. The alleged victim consented to expose herself to potential contact with sweat, saliva, and phlegm in close quarters.”

You can read the AP News article here.