Paul Stanley Discusses Who’s Responsible For The ‘Bad Children’


KISS icon Paul Stanley posted a recent tweet in which he argued that bad children are a result of bad parenting, and parents should be impactful role models for them.

As you might know, 23 students were arrested in three days at a Lousiana high school due to a week of fighting. Following that incident, a group of fathers formed ‘Dads On Duty,’ which included 40 dads taking shifts and spending time at the school. They greeted the students in the morning and tried to create a positive atmosphere for learning. Since ‘Dads On Duty’ has shown up, there hasn’t been a single incident at the school.

Recently, HuffPost front page editor Philip Lewis shared the news about the positive outcome of ‘Dads On Duty’ on Twitter. Upon seeing this, Paul Stanley knew he had something to say about that. A father of four children, the KISS frontman posted a tweet as a response to Philip Lewis and commented on the importance of being children’s moral compass.

In his tweet, Paul Stanley stated that although there are exceptions, bad parents raise bad children. He then said children expect parents to live up to the same expectations they ask from them and be a moral compass. According to Stanley, parents should lead children by example to be impactful role models for them.

HuffPost editor Philip Lewis tweeted that:

“After 23 students were arrested in 3 days at a Louisiana high school over fights, a group of fathers created Dads on Duty: 40 dads who take shifts at the school. There hasn’t been a single incident at the school since the dads showed up.”

As a response, Paul Stanley’s said in his tweet that:

“Terrific. There are always exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, show me a bad child & I’ll show you bad parents. Our children need to see us live up to the same expectations & moral compass we ask of them. If we lead by example, we can be impactful role models. Be one.

You can check out the tweets below.