Marilyn Manson’s Sexual Assault Investigation Is Submitted To DA


For years, rumors about Marilyn Manson‘s abusive behavior toward his partners have been circulating. The allegations became a more serious issue when Manson’s former girlfriend and actress Evan Rachel Wood publicly shared that Manson had abused her during their relationship from 2006 to 2011.

The actress didn’t shy away from giving details about what she experienced, which encouraged many other women who had affairs with Manson to come out and share their abuse stories. Sixteen other women accused Manson of abuse, including models Sarah McNeilly and Ashley Lindsay Morgan, who claimed they experienced sexual violence, physical violence, and coercion while with Manson.

Evan Rachel Wood partnered with HBO to detail her and the other women’s traumatic experiences with a two-part documentary, ‘Phoenix Rising.’ Wood wanted to prevent other women from going through what she did for years by showcasing Marilyn Manson’s true face.

After the severe allegations Manson faced, he denied everything and sued Evan Rachel Wood for defamation, fraud, and conspiracy since she had claimed that he abused her. The musician also shared that he viewed the documentary as a money grab and was full of misinformation about their relationship.

The investigation began right after Wood’s claims in 2021. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department completed the investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Marilyn Manson. The gathered evidence was transferred to the district attorney’s office for any possible criminal charges. However, the DA still doesn’t have all the information; once they get their hands on everything about the case, the prosecutors will make a final decision about possible charges.