Iron Maiden Is Finally Going To Be Inducted Into The Metal Hall Of Fame, But Not All Members

Former Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley are going to be inducted into the Metal Hall Of Fame as the news is revealed by the CEO of the organization, Pat Gesualdo, there has been a huge demand by the band’s fans to induct all members of Iron Maiden.

As some of you might know, Paul Di’Anno was the first vocalist to record with Iron Maiden, from 1977 to 1981, releasing the first two studio albums of the band, 1980’s self-titled studio album, and the second studio album, ‘Killers’ both of which kick-started the band’s career.

Blaze Bayley was also the lead singer of Iron Maiden for five years, and just like Di’Anno, he recorded two studio album with the band, the tenth studio album, ‘The X Factor’ which was released on October 2, 1995, and the following studio album, ‘Virtual XI’ which was released on 23 March 1998.

Recently, the CEO and president of the Metal Hall of Fame which is a non-profit organization that honors the iconic musicians and bands that shaped and contributed to hard rock and heavy metal music, Pat Gesualdo announced the induction of Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley into the Metal Hall of Fame this year.

In addition to these former vocalists, the visual creator of Iron Maiden who previously created the iconic mascot, ‘Eddie,’ Derek Riggs was also inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame as well. While revealing the inductions, Gesualdo revealed that he hopes to induct the rest of the band members as it’s both fans’ and his wish.

Here is what he said:

We are excited to induct these three artists who have helped shape the legacy of Iron Maiden, along with the band’s massive fanbase, we’ve wanted to induct all the members of the band for years. However, we’ve been waiting for the green light from management. Hopefully, with the continued support and encouragement from fans throughout the world, we can induct all the members of Iron Maiden into the Metal Hall of Fame soon.”

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