Kirk Hammett Displays One Of The First Flying V‘s Ever Made By Gibson As A Response To Adam Jones’ Challenge

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett attended a challenge that Tool guitarist Adam Jones started on social media about who has the greatest flying v in the community.

The challenge started with Adam’s post on Instagram as he shared a picture with his Gibson’s Flying V model and said that let’s see who has the sweetest Flying V among the other guitarist, even though knowing he will lose the challenge.

Furthermore, Kirk decided to attend the challenge with huge expectations and shared a picture of his special Flying V, which is one of the first models that Gibson produced back in 1957.

Additionally, Kirk wanted to talk about the features and differences of this guitarist and said that the neck is wider and routes are handmade, and it doesn’t even have a serial number.

Here is what Kirk Hammett said:

“Ok, my fine friend, Mr. Adam Jones – Challenge accepted! Better be prepared for a major throwdown, pin, and chokehold! And while we are at it, Choke on this Ladies and Gentlemen… What we have here is one of the first Flying V‘s ever made.

It is the sweetest V that I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting my paws on! This is most likely one of 3 V prototypes that Gibson made in 1957 ⚡️🖤🎸 Note the screws instead of studs on the tailpiece

The neck is wider than the V’s that followed in 1958 and 1959. It has handmade routes under the pick guard, instead of machined. It has no serial number. It has really strong, singing pickups that were wound in 1957. And it has tons of mojo!

So there ya have it , I reckon there is none like her , and she is a strong contender for being in my top 5 best sounding guitars! Sorry Adam, but really there is no contest… Love ya anyway bro!”

You can check out the post by clicking here.