Gavin Rossdale Holds Back On Disclosing His ‘Inappropriate’ Experiences

As Bush kept touring North America, frontman Gavin Rossdale shared his thoughts on writing an autobiography during a recent interview with ‘Rock & Review With Eric Dahl.’ He said:

“They do say everyone has at least one book in them. But, of course, Christopher Hitchens, the great English polemicist, said, ‘And quite often, that’s where it should stay.'”

The vocalist mentioned his reasoning and explained:

“There’s a number of things that have happened to me that have not been appropriate to comment on because – it has not been appropriate – and insights and things that happened that are not part of a kind of a diary.”

Giving more details about the possibility of writing a book, he went on:

“And I think that one day it would be good to write a sort of a drifty, wannabe-Patti Smith-esque memoir… So I’d be interested in a kind of a leaf. Like if you go into a big painting and you take a little part of it, a smaller leaf of it.”

Rossdale also revealed what would make him come up with an autobiography by saying:

“If I could just weave together a few things that would be surprising, then I would consider it. I would not do a sort of a, ‘And then, after Christmas, January, there…’ Anything people could read about or know already wouldn’t make any sense to me.”

Despite having no plans for an autobiography currently, the singer and his band came up with new material in the last few years. In 2022, Bush put out a new album, ‘The Art of Survival,’ which was followed by a deluxe edition in June.

The new edition included an extra single called ‘All Things Must Change’ and a duet version of ‘1000 Years’ with Amy Lee, who shared the stage with Rossdale earlier this year.

You can watch the frontman’s recent interview in the video below.