Evanescence’s Amy Lee Reveals Her Motivation Behind Making Albums

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee opened up about the band’s latest studio album during a recent interview with Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, as well as revealing her motivation behind making music which is to have the desire to put out a record rather than putting pressure on herself.

As you might recall, Evanescence released its fifth studio album, ‘The Bitter Truth’ on March 26, 2021, which is the band’s first record in more than three years, after the 2017 album, ‘Synthesis,’ in addition to being their first album consisting of new material since their self-titled third album which was released on October 7, 2011.

While the album generally received positive reviews both from music critics and fans upon its release, Evanescence fans have always been curious about the reason why the band is not like others when it comes to releasing albums since most artists often release a record in every 2–3 years whereas Evanescence released five studio albums since its debut album, ‘Fallen’ which was released on March 4, 2003.

During a recent interview, Amy Lee opened up about this matter and stated that she doesn’t approach making an album like everybody else and doesn’t let the delay affect her or her judgment on making music. Apparently, Lee takes those moments between two records in order to let herself go creatively since her ability to make music will pop up eventually.

In addition to this, Evanescence singer revealed that every time she puts out a record with the band, it comes from a place of heart as well as coming out of the true desire of making that album which is the main reason why she loves the latest one, ‘The Bitter Truth’ because it reflects something real and it’s a record that Amy Lee wants to listen herself as well.

Here is what Amy Lee said during the Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk podcast:

“When we’ve made albums, every single experience has been different. Every single lineup has been slightly different from every album. Changes happen, people have to move on. It’s like a relationship and breakups and all of that. It’s just such an interesting thing.

So the time between, for me, every time I take a moment in my head where I allow myself to let it go, to not let it be my entire identity, to where if I never make another album ever again, then I don’t know who I am anymore, I know who I am, and it’s part of me.

It’s come back to me organically every time and been something that my heart truly desires and the sounds that come out that sound like Evanescence, they’re really me. That I know for sure because I never forced it when I wasn’t ready to. It’s always something that came from a real desire and a real place. And I love this album so much, more than I can even say.

I was just listening to it today, just for fun. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to come together with your friends, rely on your friends when you’re stuck, put your heart into something, and just love it with everything you have and give it all you got. Then be able to listen back and go, ‘Yeah!'”

There’s no doubt that Evanescence has a different path than other bands when it comes to their studio albums and the downside is that their fans don’t get to hear new material from them every once in a while, however, they must be doing something right as every record of the band sold millions all around the world and won countless awards throughout the band’s career which spans over nearly three decades.