Rob Lowe Recalls Almost Relapsing Due To Keith Richards

Making the decision to stay sober and stick with it for years is pretty rare as it is a tough struggle, especially when the stakes are as high as partying with Keith Richards. However, kudos to Rob Lowe for having the resilience to say no to the rock icon and keep his promise of staying sober.

“I got sober 32 years ago,” Lowe said on the Kelly Clarkson Show before sharing his memory with Keith Richards. “So I was newly sober and backstage at a Rolling Stones concert. And Keith Richards said, ‘Won’t you come back to the hotel and party with me later?’ And I had this, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m either going to party with Keith Richards and not be sober. Or I’m going to turn down Keith Richards to go party with?’”

That was probably the most challenging no that the actor had to give, especially as someone in their twenties who was technically supposed to live it up. He added, “I’m 20, whatever it is. And I remember I didn’t do it.” Yet, Rob Lowe was strong enough to fight the urge to say yes and sit out the party of a lifetime.

Whether he regrets it or not is a different topic, but Lowe was determined to stay sober and continue on his journey to change his lifestyle. Since he has been sober for 32 years, it was the right move as the actor had said no to the most epic invitation so that nothing could break him from that moment onward.