David Crosby Says His Hands Are Deteriorating Due To Tendonitis

As musicians age, their ability to perform might deteriorate due to various problems. In David Crosby‘s case, the problem is tendonitis which affects his ability to play guitar. In a recent tweet, the musician revealed that his hands do not get any better.

Even with old age, musicians might want to perform against all the odds. Ozzy Osbourne, for instance, previously revealed that he had wanted to perform once again while battling with Parkin II, a variation of Parkinson’s disease. Considering Ozzy’s enthusiasm to perform, one might wonder if Crosby is as eager.

A fan of the musician recently questioned this by asking if David’s condition was any better. Crosby previously remarked that he wouldn’t be able to perform live in the future since his hands were affected by the disease. The fan, however, wanted to know if the musician’s condition improved to play guitar properly.

Crosby answered it by stating that his hands were steadily deteriorating due to tendonitis, which made it difficult for him to deliver his entire performance on guitar. Considering this statement, it seems that David won’t be performing in the near future. Since the guitar has a vital role in Crosby’s music, thinking of him without his instrument is pretty hard.

A user asked:

“What’s the latest on his hands? Is he able to play acoustic guitar once again?

David Crosby’s tweet replied:

“My hands are deteriorating steadily from tendonitis.”

It is a long-term discussion whether older musicians should continue to perform. Grace Slick made it clear that she believed that older rock stars should’ve quit performing since their songs weren’t relatable to them anymore. Slick also named various musicians who she couldn’t stand listening.

You can check out David Crosby’s tweet below.