David Crosby Says There Is Nothing To Do About His Health Problem Affecting His Music

David Crosby attended an interview with Guitar World and talked about his music and health issues. He stated that he is losing his skills to play the guitar and confessed that he cannot do anything to change it.

Crosby climbed the ladders of success by founding Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young until they broke up in 2016. After the break-up, Crosby continued making music and performing live solo and with The Sky Trails band. Insisting to continue making music at the age of 80, the musician seems like he will never retire willingly.

Aside from his age, his health problems have been causing difficulties for him on shows. As you may know, he has the condition Tendonitis in his hands which causes him to pain most of the time. This made it difficult for the musician to play the guitar with this condition, and unfortunately, it is not getting better.

In the interview, Crosby stated that he already lost around 10-15 percent of his guitar skills, and the worst thing is it cannot be treatable so, he is now in acceptance. No matter what problems he faced, he is not planning to quit music, but he feels like he will not be able to play in the future because of this.

He sadly admitted his condition as follows:

“I’ve lost a percentage, maybe 10 percent, maybe 15 percent. But I can still play, just not quite as well as I used to. It’s heading in the wrong direction. There isn’t anything anybody can do about it. It’s tough, but whining isn’t going to help anybody. All my guitars are set up as low as they will go. I can play, but I know, in the long run, I’m going to lose it.”

In summer 2021, Crosby attended The Howard Stern Show and confessed that he thinks he is at the end of his life. In March 2021, the musician sold the rights to his entire music catalog because he couldn’t earn enough money, especially with the cancelation of the live shows during the pandemic.