When Gavin Rossdale’s Godchild Turned Out To Be His Biological Daughter

As much as we love the artistic part of the music industry, the gossips about the artists it brings along are often quite interesting as well. After all, family dramas, secret relationships, and many more… Scandals are only striking news about our favorite musicians.

One of the recent scandals about a musician came up when a few women shared the messages they had with Adam Levine, who is married with three kids. People talked and speculated as the musician had to post an explanation on the topic on his Instagram account. It was an engaging incident, although it’s not as striking as the situation involving Bush‘s lead singer.

Gavin Rossdale met his ex-wife Gwen Stefani years ago while Bush and No Doubt were on tour together; they fell in love and, after a six-year relationship, got married in 2002. Their relationship went well until 2004, despite minor breakups, but that year, they were shaken with shock after the emergence of some secrets.

Rossdale’s close friend Pearl Lowe suspected who her fifteen-year-old daughter’s biological father was and asked her friend to take a DNA test with her. After going back and forth, the musician accepted the offer, which revealed the truth that had stayed hidden for years. Gavin Rossdale, who was also the godfather of Lowe’s daughter Daisy, was her father.

Pearl and Gavin had been friends since their teenage years, and they remained so even after the brief relationship they had. They were close, but neither of them actually thought Rossdale could be Daisy’s father, as Lowe was dating someone else when she found out she was pregnant. What caused them the desire to know about her heritage for sure was the curiosity of mother and daughter, which caused tension for almost everyone involved in the matter

The news shook both families and those who were familiar with them. The Lowes and the Rossdales drifted apart despite all the years of close encounters, especially between Daisy and Gavin, who talked to each other at any given chance. Gwen Stefani was reportedly disappointed and upset as she did not expect her husband to have a child with his long-time friend, which was reflected in the tabloids like The Daily Mirror at the time.

An insider narrated the No Doubt vocalist’s reaction as follows:

“Daisy is pretty down-to-earth and is really cool about it all. But it sounds like Gwen is really upset about it, and it’s causing rows between her and Gavin.”

For a few years, the two families’ relationship remained distant, and in the meantime, Gavin and Gwen had children together; however, they eventually made amends and reestablished the ties in between them. According to an Instagram post shared by Rossdale in 2022, all of his children had become close, embracing each other as a family.

The caption of the post, which included a family picture, read:

“Welcome to my world. The best few weeks at home with my better versions of me. Oh, the joy they bring! And yes, there’s chewy [on the] bottom left and our superhero Apollo. My love is indeed ocean-sized.”

Daisy Lowe spoke about her relationship with her father and siblings in the same year on That Gaby Roslin Podcast. She stated that finding out the truth was an intense process since she did not know how to feel or react; however,  despite the tumultuous start they had, their relations improved.

In the interview, she said:

“It was intense. There is no handbook for finding out that your goddaughter is really your daughter or that your godfather is your father. I think we dealt with it the best that we could. It meant that we did have a really rocky start, but we figured it out and I’m really grateful that we kind of figured it out as and when we did.”

Although it was a scandalous situation for everyone involved, especially Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe, learning who Daisy’s birth father was ultimately led to a positive outcome. The two have a good relationship and a nice family now and are happy to know the truth.

Photo Credit: Gavin Rossdale – Instagram