Marilyn Manson Breaks His Silence Over Evan Rachel Wood’s Allegations


After a long period of silence, Marilyn Manson recently opened up about the accusations of several women, including actor Evan Rachel Wood, via a post on his Instagram account. The rocker officially announced that he’s suing the actress who made a documentary about her relationship with Manson in which she made numerous allegations about the singer.

Last year was filled with headlines about Marilyn Manson, who faced countless accusations from women he had been with in the past. The allegations started when actress Evan Rachel Wood shared a post on her official Instagram, revealing that the abuser she’s been mentioning during interviews is Manson, with whom Wood had a relationship from 2006 to 2011.

The actress gave detailed explanations about their relationship over the past few months, which encouraged many other women to talk about the abuse they endured during their affair with Marilyn Manson. Wood accused Manson of raping her during the shooting of the music video of ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses,’ which was first released on May 8, 2007.

Evan Rachel Wood’s claims include several other horrifying details about their relationship, and a documentary entitled ‘Phoenix Rising‘ recently aired on HBO. The two-part series featured Wood and other women who shared their traumatic experiences with Marilyn Manson to prevent other women from going through the same. While many people supported these women for standing up against abuse, countless Manson fans claimed their story was made-up for attention or money.

Marilyn Manson had remained silent throughout this entire time, even when his label, manager, and agent dropped him. However, the rocker recently shared a post on his official Instagram account announcing that he’s suing Evan Rachel Wood over her false accusations in the documentary. In the post, Marilyn Manson stated that he will talk about everything that happened at one point, but since then, he’ll let the truth speak for itself.

The musician also shared the details of the lawsuit in which he claimed that in previous statements, Wood had said that being with Manson encouraged her creativity and made her feel loved and healthy. Moreover, Manson stressed that the documentary was made for money and didn’t reflect the truth about his relationship with Wood.

In his IG post, Manson penned:

“There will come a time when I can share more about the events of the past year. Until then, I’m going to let the facts speak for themselves.”

You can check out the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson – Instagram