Manowar Guitarist Says He Still Feels Regret For Missing The Chance Of Being Metallica’s Producer

In his interview with Greece’s Rock Pages, Manowar former guitarist Ross Friedman who is mostly known as Ross the Boss recalled the times when he was a producer of Anthrax, and he missed the chance of being the producer of Metallica. He also admitted that he still regrets losing that chance to be the man behind the successes of Metallica.

As you might know, Ross the Boss was a very successful producer apart from his professional musical career in different iconic bands. His greatest and most known project was Anthrax’s first demo entitled ‘Soldiers of Metal’ which was recorded in 1983. Megaforce Records founder Jon Zazula was only agreed to sign the deal with Anthrax when Ross the Boss became their producer.

Before signing the deal with Anthrax, Jon Zazula had also discovered a new heavy metal band named Metallica. Zazula immediately signed the deal with them when he heard the demo ‘No Life ’til Leather.’ Then Metallica released their debut studio album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ on July 25, 1983. The album is still regarded as the milestone of the thrash metal genre.

During the interview, the host asked him whether he felt any regret throughout his career or not. He revealed that he should have been the producer of Metallica. Ross the Boss was sure that Metallica was going to ask him to be their producer with the help of his success as Anthrax’s producer. Even though he didn’t know why they didn’t ask him, he feels regret for not chasing them down to be the man behind Metallica.

In Ross the Boss words, he said:

The biggest mistake in my career... Well, I’ve made a couple, boy, let me tell you that. When I produced Anthrax – I produced Anthrax’s demo tape and got them signed to Megaforce, with Jon Z.

And Jon Z just told me that, ‘It was because of you I signed Anthrax.’ And, of course, Metallica was in the picture, and Metallica was gonna ask me to produce them too.

And I think that something happened. I don’t know, but I never wound up doing it. Looking back on it, I should have pushed that.

I would have been on Metallica like ants on honey – bees on honey. Man, why was I just not aware of that?”

You can watch the interview below.