The Reason Ronnie Radke And Falling In Reverse Are So Hated

You might be familiar with the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity,’ and for some, that quote proves to be just right. There are many occasions where celebrities made millions out of controversies and had their piece of the spotlight while others publicly condemned their wrongdoings.

Sid Vicious, for instance, was quite the sensation for the media in the mid-to-late 70s, and although he didn’t necessarily make millions from his numerous controversies, Vicious built such a reputation that, even decades after his overdose, he’s a leading anti-establishment figure, a model punk, and a timeless piece of popular culture.

Media’s hatred only sparked people’s curiosity over Sid, proving that any press an average rock star might get could easily help out their careers for better or worse. So… talking about artists who faced public backlash while rocking the scene, it might be only honorary to mention Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse since both got their piece of the spotlight over numerous controversies.

Although Radke and the band have a cult following and respect among their committed fanbase, one can also easily see people’s doubts over their music and the singer’s conflicts. So, when some users asked on online platforms why Ronnie and Falling In Reverse got so much hatred, other users decided to help them with their questions with brutally honest answers.

Why Do Ronnie Radke And Falling In Reverse Receive So Much Hate?

First things first, everyone has their own taste when it comes to music; as ancient Romans once wisely said, ‘tastes are indisputable.’ So, it might be only natural when some people stated they hated the frontman and the band because they didn’t like their music, and listening to Radke’s vocals for minutes wasn’t their cup of tea.

These particular reasons are innocent enough since, as we’ve mentioned before, everyone’s got their own taste, but it seemed that some Falling In Reverse fans also shared the haters’ opinions when it comes to one particular song from the band.

People, including Radke’s fanbase, appeared to hate the Falling In Reverse song, ‘Bad Girls Club,’ as most users listed it as a piece they didn’t particularly enjoy. The song appeared to be the black sheep of the band’s discography, leaving fans and haters to join forces while brutally criticizing it.

However, differences in musical tastes or the mutual hatred against ‘Bad Girls Club’ weren’t the only reasons why people hated Ronnie since the singer also made quite the headlines with his personal controversies. Radke received harsh backlash from the mainstream audience and press over the years, from legal battles to disputable political views.

The frontman faced numerous accusations from domestic abuse to assault over the years, though he reportedly appealed in those cases, and the charges were dropped. However, things didn’t end quite there, as some online users also shared how he would kick fans out of Falling In Reverse shows because they would wear his former band Escape The Fate’s shirts.

Others also noted how Radke threw mic stands into the crowd, leaving multiple fans injured and angry. The comments proceeded with many criticizing the singer’s right-winged political views and various rage fits on Twitter, as most people didn’t particularly enjoy those. There were some users also stating how he had an enormous ego and belittled anyone, but let’s be honest, that’s just your usual rocker.

Against the threads, numerous FIR fans came to Ronnie’s defense, stating his challenging upbringing possibly caused his multiple controversial choices and questionable decisions, though others counter-stated that the singer’s past couldn’t be held accountable for his actions or deliberate disputes with others.

So, overall, most blamed Radke’s controversies, his ‘questionable’ vocal talent, and Falling In Reverse’s music while discussing why they didn’t like the rocker and the band, although it would be fair also to note that the act received support and appreciation from the committed fanbase who ran to their defense throughout different posts.

In the end, however, Ronnie and Falling In Reverse are important examples while discussing the subject of why all sorts of publicity are good since their share of the spotlight surely helped them to reach possible fans who hadn’t discovered them before… or at least, the singer made the headlines for weeks through different controversies, and who can resist that?