Hayley Williams Shares The Real Reason Behind Paramore’s Canceled Shows

Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently made an announcement exclusive for the band’s fan group, as a follow up after they cancelled and posponed a number of their shows. Hayley adressed to their fans, and particularly mentioned that the illness within the group didn’t occur due to food poisoning:

“Hello friends and show going sweeties, As you now know, we postponed a handful of dates due to illness. We kick back up Saturday in Tulsa (!!!) after a week of misery, sadness, and bellyfull of antibiotics and steroids. For the record: we did not have food poisoning or a band-wide shit fest. In all seriousness, this past week has been really tough.”

She continued by revealing the actual reason was herself getting sick, and she wanted to make that known out of respect to her fans:

“Nobody would know this but I started getting sick in Houston (not contagious) and muscle my way all the way through LA. Adrenaline is a wonder! But by the time the excitement and the nerves from all the LA shenanigans wore off, my body just gave out. We said it in our little statement but I’d like to personally apologize for the disappointment and frustration my illness caused everyone who was planning on going to any of those original dates.”

On July 24, the band tweeted from their official page, stating they rescheduled their shows in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City:

“As announced yesterday, our show in San Francisco was postponed due to illness within the touring party. Our San Francisco show has been rescheduled to August 7th 2023. After much deliberation, in the interest of our health and the ability to put on a show you all deserve, we have decided to reschedule our shows this week in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City.”

Paramore is currently on tour after releasing their sixth album ‘This Is Why,’ in February this year. Click here for their upcoming tour dates and tickets. Also, the group will be joining Taylor Swift on her UK and Europe tour as she announced from her official Twitter account. You can check here for tickets and details.

You can check out the tweet below, where you can find the rescheduled dates for Paramore’s shows.