Lori Maddox Breaks Silence On Her Relationship With Jimmy Page In A New Book


Former baby groupie and model Lori Maddox opened up about her relationship with Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page in Bob Spitz’s new biographical book about Led Zeppelin. Her statements about Page will probably cause a backlash from the band’s fans as their relationship started when she was very young.

Lori Maddox started to hang out in different clubs such as Whisky A Go-Go, Rainbow Bar and Grill, Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, and many more with her friend Sable Starr who was defined as the ‘queen of groupies.’ Maddox was only 14 years old when she was introduced to the famous musician David Bowie. Later, Maddox revealed that she lost her virginity to Bowie and had her first threesome with him.

Also, Maddox was considered one of the most desired and beautiful baby groupies at that time so she attracted the attention of other musicians such as Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, and many other rock stars. The young girl’s relationship with the Led Zeppelin guitarist started when she was 14 and lasted for more than a year. Their controversial affair ended up as a sad story for her when she saw Jimmy Page with another groupie named Bebe Buell in bed.

These stories of baby groupies started to draw more and more attention after the ‘MeToo Movement,’ so the famous author Bob Spitz shared exclusive details about them in his latest biography entitled ‘Led Zeppelin: The Biography.’ In the book, Lori Maddox said everyone knew that Page liked young girls. It was published on November 9, 2021, and the writer highlighted that the remaining Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page decided not to talk with him about these issues.

Here’s what Maddox said:

He was 29, I was 14. It was no secret he liked young girls.”

Bob Spitz added:

“They didn’t need to say why. The ‘MeToo Movement’ broke, and the next day my co-operation dried up.”

Unfortunately, most musicians and their fans saw having sexual or love affairs with underaged girls as a normal incident during the rock and roll’s breakthrough era, but almost every one of them later admitted that it was wrong. However, this didn’t change the fact that many young girls were sexually and psychologically abused by the elders although some of them said that they had consent.