Liam Gallagher Responds To Fans’ Disappointment After His ‘Humongous’ Announcement

Liam Gallagher recently reacted to fans’ ‘disappointment’ with his latest announcement on Twitter.

The former Oasis frontman announced  on June 28 that ‘biblical’ news was on its way, tweeting:

“Beautiful people, where the hell have I been? Answers on a wotsit anyways f*ck all that curious killed the tw*t malarky. I’m back with some biblical news [at] 10 AM. Humongous announcement.”

A few hours after that, Gallagher shared the ‘humongous’ news, revealing it to be an upcoming indoor gig at London’s KOKO on August 9. Then, upon seeing the announcement, some fans started to feel ‘disappointed’ as even one wrote out:

“Hardly a huge announcement. Hope your next one [is] a gig in Manchester.”

So, after receiving ‘mixed’ reactions to his ‘biblical’ news, the rocker decided to respond to his followers, who possibly had assumed the ‘announcement’ to be about the Oasis reunion, and called them out for their ‘disappointment:’

“I’m really disappointed at all the people that were disappointed after my disappointing announcement.”

Still, even after Gallagher clarified that his ‘biblical’ news wasn’t about his former band, a fan went on to ask about the ‘reunion,’ anyways, tweeting:

“So, there’s no Oasis reunion?”

Liam simply answered:

“Not this week.”

So, if you’re an Oasis fan waiting for a possible reunion, well, according to Gallagher, this might not be the week for you. Still, this doesn’t mean an Oasis reunion won’t occur, as you can check out why the former frontman believes his brother, Noel, would be calling him up to get back.