Liam Gallagher Responds To Noel Gallagher’s Claims About Oasis Reunion

Riding the rollercoaster of the Oasis brothers’ turbulent relationship, Liam Gallagher has recently responded to his older brother Noel Gallagher‘s claims about an Oasis reunion on Twitter. Or rather, the lack thereof. The Manchester-born siblings, who stormed the world with their chart-topping rock anthems, have been the talk of the town due to their on-and-off feuds and the much-anticipated reunion that might never happen.

Noel Gallagher recently dashed the hopes of the Oasis fanbase by putting an end to the reunion speculations during an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. The older Gallagher, despite urging his brother Liam to communicate if he had any interest in reviving Oasis, seemed disappointed as the desired phone call never arrived. The denial of a surprise reunion ahead of the band’s 30th anniversary of their iconic debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe,’ caused a ripple of disappointment among fans.

Yet, Noel didn’t leave his followers completely bereft. The singer promised a grand celebration of the milestone by unleashing a special edition of the legendary album, a compilation featuring a treasure trove of previously lost and unheard tracks from the band’s recording sessions of yore. These gems, discovered in the Sony archives, were thought to be lost but were merely mislabelled, according to Noel. Despite the exciting revelation, he made it clear that there would be no tour and no reunion.

On the other side of the sibling spectrum, Liam Gallagher, the younger of the two at 50, had a few choice words to say in response to Noel’s claims. During a casual chat on Twitter with his followers, Liam addressed his brother’s recent statements. Responding to a fan’s question about Noel’s ever-changing stance on the reunion, Liam implied that Noel was getting a bit too big for his boots because of a couple of successful tracks on his latest album.

When another fan brought up Noel’s refusal to reunite with him, Liam’s response was a simple yet loaded term, suggesting that his older brother might not be thinking clearly. Finally, when a fan lamented Noel’s declaration that an Oasis reunion would never be on the cards, Liam simply expressed his disappointment.

A fan asked the following in response to Noel’s words about the reunion:

“Thoughts on this? Loves to change his mind constantly, doesn’t he?”

Liam replied:

“Oh, he thinks he’s back in the big time coz he’s got 2 tunes on his album Bumbaclart.”

Another fan wrote:

“Liam, what do you think about Noel saying that he will never do a reunion with you?

The singer’s response:

“He’s puddled.”

One of his other followers said:

“Noel just said that there will never be an Oasis reunion.”

The frontman answered:


In typical Gallagher fashion, the brothers continue to keep fans on their toes with their verbal jousting. While the hope of an Oasis reunion might be fading, the spirit of their rock ‘n’ roll legacy surely isn’t. Noel’s promise of a unique collection of unheard Oasis tracks might not be the reunion fans have been dreaming about, but it’s certainly something to look forward to. As for Liam, his candid and unfiltered responses show he’s still got that old Oasis spark, even if it’s currently directed at his older brother.