Dee Snider Shares His Unfulfilled Wish About The Late John Denver

Dee Snider, the frontman for Twisted Sister, recently took to Twitter to express regret about his comments regarding John Denver. One of Snider’s followers shared a tweet recalling the time when the frontman testified in front of Congress and found it amusing. The tweet read:

“Cracks me up you testified in front of Congress – outside of your TS persona – but wearing a t-shirt with your TS persona.”

The frontman replied with the following:

“A deliberate choice so they connected how I looked there to the photos they were seeing of me in full regalia.”

The rocker was then asked if he and John Denver planned it ahead of time. He shared his regret about the singer and replied:

“Nope. We had zero interaction before the hearings. One of my big regrets is I didn’t get to meet John and thank him for standing with us that day.”

Similarly, in an earlier interview, the frontman shared his regret about Denver. During the earlier with SiriusXM, he revealed that he never got to meet Denver and shake his hand. Snider detailed:

“My one regret is I never got to meet John Denver and shake his hand because me and Frank were worried about what John was gonna do. He was like the all-American guy then, and we were really worried that he would turn his back on rock [music]. But he did not. He stood tall for us, and I never got to shake his hand, it’s one of my regrets.”

See the tweets below.