See Corey Taylor In Paul Stanley’s Iconic Make-up


Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor revealed that he was wearing KISS icon Paul Stanley’s iconic ‘Starchild’ makeup during one of his shows via his official Instagram account.

KISS is considered one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Not only because of the music they produce, but also the shows that they have been providing to the audience. Besides the outfit and materials they use for the stage, they are also known for their famous makeup.

Another successful musician, Corey Taylor released his debut solo album, ‘CMFT,’ last year, and he has been promoting the album by going for a solo tour along with his wife Alicia Taylor and her dancing band, ‘Cherry Bombs.’

Yesterday was a unique day for the Corey fans because the 47-year-old singer decided to wear the KISS makeup with his band before their performance in Springfield, Missouri. As can be seen in the pictures below, Corey was wearing Paul Stanley’s makeup.

While Taylor was paying his respect for both Paul and KISS during the concert, he also mentioned that the reason why they made such a special event was that ‘Cherry Bombs’ couldn’t perform in this show. As for the statement, ‘Cherry Bombs’ revealed that they couldn’t get approval for the fire arts that they have been using for the shows, even though they were allowed to do such a thing before they left for the tour.

Corey Taylor explained why they wore KISS makeups:

Last night we had to pull off a special show in Springfield, MO, because our Cherry Bombs couldn’t perform. However don’t forget: if you have a ticket stub, digital copy, or printed ticket from last night, it gets you into tonight’s show for free. So come see the Bombs and us get crazy! Take care out there!”

Cherry Bombs made an official announcement about their absence:

“Unfortunately, we are unable to perform tonight due to approval/non-approval of our fire arts. We were confirmed to perform our show before we left for tour, but the narrative changed upon arrival at the venue today.

We are getting to the bottom of what happened, but we promised you we would not return to this area without delivering you a proper show, and we are standing by that promise.

This is the first time we have done this, and this decision was not made lightly. We are disappointed and heartbroken that we will not be seeing our fans in Springfield, MO, but we feel you deserve more than a half-assed show.

Thank you to our fans who are here tonight- we are so incredibly sorry.”

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Photo Credit: Corey Taylor – Instagram
Photo Credit: Cherry Bombs – Instagram