Justin Hawkins Compares James Hetfield And Lars Ulrich’s Awareness Of Addiction


The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins recently made a YouTube video on his channel Justin Hawkins Rides Again about Miley Cyrus’ performance of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with Metallica. While commenting on the video, he shared his experiences working with Metallica. He stated that James Ulrich tried to help him overcome his addiction, whereas Lars Ulrich encouraged him to party.

Justin Hawkins is known for being the lead singer and the guitarist of the Darkness. However, the rockstar is now better known as a YouTuber who reacts to songs and performances. In those videos, he comments on the music and analyses tunes.

Before his YouTube career, he released his first album with the Darkness ‘Permission to Land,’ which made a massive debut in the UK. The album was a runner-up in the charts after its release in 2003 and sold over 3.5 million copies. The album allowed the band to join Metallica on their Summer Sanitarium Tour in 2003.

Hawkins was struggling with addiction and partying when he met the Metallica members. While commenting about ‘Nothing Else Matters’ in his recent video by Miley Cyrus and Metallica, he shared his story with the Metallica members. The rocker stated that James Hetfield offered to be there for him in times of need. Even though Lars Ulrich was a fantastic person, he encouraged him more to party.

Here is what he said about his experiences with Metallica:

“We did a bit of touring with Metallica. We played with them in Ireland, and we played with them in Australia. And James Hetfield could recognize that I might have been struggling a little bit with certain behaviors. He was kind; he took me to one side and gave me his number.

He was like, ‘If you ever need to talk to anybody.’He was supportive and an excellent person. Lars Ulrich was an excellent person but in the other way. He was somebody that encouraged me to party and partied with me, so happy days one and all!”

Having suffered from certain addictions in his life, Hetfield seemed to have known what Hawkins was going through and knew that it was the right option to overcome it. Although Ulrich also used substances, it wasn’t as challenging as it was for his bandmate. Therefore, he felt okay with offering more parties to Hawkins back then.

You can watch Hawkins’ video below.