Steven Tyler’s Admission About The Leader Of Aerosmith

Many bands came to the forefront with their lead singers throughout music history. Moreover, fans start to know these groups with their leading figures, and even if one doesn’t listen to them, they at least know their leader. For instance, Amy Lee comes into the mind when talking about Evanescence, and the Doors is mainly known for Jim Morrison and his antics.

On the other hand, some artists debate whether it’s best for a group to have a leader or if there should be a democracy within the band. Aerosmith is primarily known for Steven Tyler and his fashion, stage shows, high screams, and wide vocal range like the examples mentioned above. However, it seems Tyler has a different opinion about who is Aerosmith’s actual leader.

According To Steven Tyler, Who’s In Charge Of Aerosmith?

In 2009, tensions began to grow between Steven Tyler and his Aerosmith bandmates. On August 5, Tyler fell off the stage during a performance in South Dakota and injured his head and neck while breaking his shoulder. Aerosmith was on their Guitar Hero Aerosmith Tour, so they had to cancel the rest of it. After this incident, Tyler had no contact with the rest of the band, and fans questioned whether he was still in Aerosmith.

On November 10, Joe Perry stated that Tyler had quit Aerosmith to focus on his solo career. After that, the band did not announce a replacement. Despite the rumors and Perry’s remarks, Tyler joined The Joe Perry Project on the same day at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza. The frontman assured the fans that he wasn’t quitting Aerosmith during the show. Following that, Tyler checked into rehab on December 22 and continued working with Aerosmith.

In the same year, Steven Tyler spoke to Rolling Stone after the on-stage accident. He then revealed the last time he talked to his bandmates. Tyler remembered speaking with them two days ago, and they were on good terms. According to the frontman, he wasn’t the leader. In fact, no one was the leader of Aerosmith. Tyler said they stood for each other and split everything evenly, so they never thought of leaving the band.

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, Rolling Stone asked Steven Tyler the following:

“When did you last speak with the other guys?”

Steven Tyler then said:

“Two days ago. Sh*t’s good. I’m not the leader. No one’s the leader. We’re just one for all, all for one. It’s probably why we’ve never quit. No one’s got enough money! We split it evenly.”

So, Steven Tyler believes that they have been in the music scene for so many years because there is no leader in Aerosmith. Although Tyler is in the spotlight with his energetic persona, stage shows, and colorful outfits, things work equally within the band regarding decision-making.