Justin Chancellor Confirms ‘Solid’ Songs For New Tool Album

In a new chat with Kerrang!, Justin Chancellor revealed Tool already have material for their upcoming album.

When the interviewer asked what he contributed to the record so far, the bassist responded:

“There’s absolutely tons and tons of hard drives full of stuff. Some ideas go back to before ‘Fear Inoculum’ that are just simple riffs that we never incorporated into a song. But sometimes that’s a bit like grinding the gears when you’re trying to resurrect or revisit them, so it’s really appealing to work on the newest stuff.”

Tool Have So Many Ideas To Work On

He shared how their joint sessions go:

“Each time we come together, people also have so many new ideas and then we’ll spend all day playing them. We’re constantly introducing new stuff but then sometimes that’ll marry with the old material.”

Chancellor said they have some ‘solid’ songs:

“We’ve been writing for the last couple of weeks, meeting a couple of times each week – we’ve had some really good sessions, and a lot of it has been brand new. We already have a couple of solid, what I would say are, skeletons of songs waiting to be finalised.”

Maynard James Keenan Doesn’t Want The Album Take Too Long

Tool’s last album, ‘Fear Inoculum,’ came out 13 years after ‘10,000 Days’ from 2006. Maynard James Keenan talked about the long gap in an April 2024 interview with Metal Hammer:

“Tool is a more complicated beast with a lot of egos and a lot of other things going on in our lives. But all the creativity’s there, the songs and the ideas can flow and the arguments ensue. As soon as we get past the arguments, we can get sh*t done! Ha ha ha! I think we could do it more efficiently. And I think everyone’s on the same page that we have to get through that, because we can’t drag this out another 14 years.”

Chancellor also previously assured fans it won’t take 13 years this time, as the band seeks to be more efficient. The new album is expected to differ from previous works. The bassist said they would possibly change musical direction. Tool is currently on their European tour. It will end on June 27 in Oslo, Norway.