Robin Zander Explains Why Cheap Trick Don’t Use The Same Setlist For Every Show

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Cheap Trick, Robin Zander joined an interview with Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM and talked about how they prepare for the shows. Zander stated that they don’t use the same setlist for every show as they make small changes each time.

Cheap Trick sold more than 20 million albums and built a dedicated fanbase over the years. In their music career spanning over four decades, the band has released twenty studio albums. Their latest album, named ‘In Another World,’ dropped on April 9, 2021. The album was actually completed by 2020, but its release was delayed due to the pandemic.

The band has performed live many times during their career, so they have a lot of experience in setting and preparing for a show. During the conversation, the interviewer said that many bands generally perform the same songs in every show, but it is not the situation with Cheap Trick and asked Robin Zander how they manage it.

Zander explained that they don’t want to get bored of their songs, so they try to change their setlist a little bit at every show. As they change it little by little each time, they automatically know all their songs, so they don’t have to spend time rehearsing them. Robin Zander added that when they work on their setlist step by step, they have all these choices from their whole repertoire, which enables them to make different setlists for every show.

Here are Robin Zander’s statements on how to make a setlist before the shows:

“It’s pretty much what you talked about before about ‘I Want You To Want Me.’ ‘Don’t you get sick playing that every night?’ Well, you would if there were twenty-one ‘I Want You To Want Me’s in the set, so what we do is we change it around and mix it up so that we don’t get sick of these songs because it does get.

And the lazy part what they don’t know is if you start adding a little bit at a time some outtakes or some not hit songs and stuff and change your set around a little bit at a time before you know it, you don’t have to rehearse because you know all those songs. If you need to rehearse something, you just do it at soundcheck. It’s one little step at a time, and before you know it, you can pretty much pick and choose from your whole repertoire what you want.”

You can listen to the full interview below.