Jeff Ament Explains How Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ Album Changed His Life

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament posted a photo of Joni Mitchell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mitchell’s iconic album ‘Blue’ on the band’s official Instagram account. Ament recalled the times when he and Eddie Vedder listened to the album all the time by sharing his feelings about it in the post.

As you might know, Joni Mitchell released her fourth studio album entitled ‘Blue’ on June 22, 1971. The creation process of the album began after Mitchell broke up with CSNY’s Graham Nash and Mitchell reflected the different aspects of a relationship in her album. ‘Blue’ was ranked number three in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and was considered as one of the greatest albums by both the fans and music critics.

Along with most of the musicians, Jeff Ament also appreciated ‘Blue’ and highlighted its great influence on him. Ament and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder were listening to Rickie Lee Jones, Fugazi, and Waterboys with many others when they were roommates. However, their favorite was Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ and Ament remembered his homeland Canada while he was listening to the Canadian singer’s voice.

In Pearl Jam’s recent post, Jeff Ament celebrated the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ and shared his feelings about the song. Ament mentioned that he felt that he was in his hometown every time he listened to it as a young man since Mitchell is also from Canada just like Jeff himself. He implied that ‘Blue’ will always have a special place in his heart. He also mentioned the first time he saw Mitchell which made him so happy and excited.

Jeff Amen stated in the IG post that:

“Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ is 50.

In the early roommate days of PJ, Ed and I listened to a few tapes over and over, Rickie Lee Jones/’Pirates,’ Fugazi/’Steady Diet,’ Waterboys/’This Is The Sea,’ ‘Last Temptation of Christ,’ Eno/’Discreet Music,’ and a few others; but, the record we listened to most was Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue.’ I know, for me, it made me feel less homesick.

Joni was born and raised just over the border in Alberta and Saskatchewan from my north-central Montana home, and everything she sang about I could visualize and feel.

In the summer of 1993, we took the same plane between two Canadian cities and she sat across the aisle from me. I reached into my backpack and put in a copy of Blue into my Walkman and couldn’t believe the angel from these songs was a real human sitting across from me.

I wish I had a river that I could skate away on.

– Jeff Ament.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Pearl Jam – Instagram