Kellin Quinn On Fulfilling Charlotte Sands’ Wish To Do A Sleeping With Sirens Collab

After the release of their newest 2022 album, ‘Complete Collapse,’ Sleeping With Sirens’ talented vocalist, Kellin Quinn, gave an interview detailing his choices of guest vocalists in several songs. Contrary to what people might think, there wasn’t a huge thought process to decide who would sing the songs, and it was mostly based on natural coincidences.

The album ‘Complete Collapse’ was released in October 2022, making it the seventh album among the six previous ones of Sleeping With Sirens. The band is known for inviting guest vocalists to accompany them in songs, and Kellin Quinn also likes to visit other bands to contribute his vocals to songs. In this album, there were four vocalists to support four songs.

Among these vocalists was Charlotte Sands, a newcomer rock music singer who became famous on TikTok in 2020. Her voice suited Quinn’s vocals like a glove and carried the song a tad further than what it would have been without female vocals. To the fans’ surprise, Kellin Quinn did not give it much thought before inviting her. He only watched an interview with Sands where she said she’d love to work with Sleeping With Sirens, and Quinn made her wishes come true.

Quinn said:

“I think that with Charlotte, it was just one of those things that happened naturally. I saw an interview she did. She said she’d love to work with the band, so it just happened that way.”

He continued about the other guest vocalist:

“With Royal, I think we met her at a show, I just thought that she was amazing as an artist and her aesthetic. I thought that would fit really well on that song. So it’s never like a conscious ‘I’m searching for this person on this song.’ Other than Spencer, I thought he’d be great on ‘Crosses,’ and he was.”

He made an exception for Spencer Chamberlain when it came to his strategy of featuring other vocals, as he specifically chose him for the song ‘Crosses,’ and he was right to do so. When it comes to Charlotte Sands, he didn’t have her or anyone in mind for the song ‘Let You Down’ until he saw Sands’ interview.